Horsehead Nebula

The Horsehead Nebula, which is a Dark Nebula like the one surrounding Didumo.

Region Beyond Extreme Outer Civilized Ring North-West
Sector Just beyond the Peku Sector
System Doublis System
Sun(s) Singlri
Orbital Position 3 (Shared w/ Gemini)
Grid Position A3
Planet Class Terrestrial
Diameter 13544 km
Atmosphere 20% O2

79% N2 1% Other

Terrain Forests

Plains Oceans Lakes

Climate Temperate
Gravity Standard
Native Species None
Immigrated Species Humans
Primary Language English
Population 100,000
Major Cities New Athens
Major Exports None
Major Imports Building Materials


Affiliation American Alliance

Didumo is a temperate world Earth-like planet that is in a double planet system with Gemini. The planet is hidden by a massively dense nebula that surrounds the entire system. This system has been left alone by the Moranuma because they believe that most dense nebulae are surrounding black holes.