The Dragons are a species of sentient creatures on the planet Barteld. Along with the humans, the dragons there are only two sentient species on Barteld. A dragon, in their natural form, is massive four legged creatures that has two enormous wings protruding from their backs. On average a dragon is around fifteen meters longs with a tail that adds another five meters of length to their relatively slender body. Dragons have an interesting ability, which is that they may transform into a human form at will. The dragons are the protectors of the Sandrine Temples.


The dragons were created by Sibyilis for use of her warriors during the first of the Chaos Wars. She created them to be used both as mounts and weapons. She also gave them the abilty to shift into a human form. After the last Chaos War, the dragons were almost exclusively found in Sandrine Temples, which they have continued to protect even after the collapse of the Sandrine Order.


Dragons in their natural form are massive creatures that average around four and a half meters to the shoulder and fifteen meters in length not including the tail. They have a mass of approximately 9000 kg, which is attributed to a great muscle mass. The wingspan is generally about the same as the length of the body. There is a variant of dragon with large horns at the crest of the skull. Another variant features spiky plates that line the spine and serve as an additional defense.

When they are in human form, dragons stand about two meters tall with greater muscluature than most humans. The eyes remain the same color as when in their natural form, which is the only way to identify them in human form. The other features have little to do with their appearance in natural form, but they are always the same when they enter human form.

Human FormEdit

Dragons can transform at will into a human, and they can return to their natural form at any point, however they cannot stay in human form for too long. At a certain point they will randomly and immediately revert to their natural form. This can be prevented when used alongside a Cosmos Pendant, which actually switches the natural process.


The transformation process is quite difficult and can be rather painful. The transformation into a human is the more painful of the two as the size is greatly and quickly reduced. When transforming into the natural form, a large amount of empty space is required. The teeth and claws are the first things to form during this transformation at which point the body rapidly grows into the natural size. After this the scales and other distinguishing features form. The force expended in this transformation has been known to crush trees and other objects too close to the transforming dragon.

Magical AbilitiesEdit

Dragons can only utilize magic when they are in human form. This is one of the advantages of a dragon being in human form.


It was quite common for members of the Sandrine Order to domesticate and use the dragons as flying mounts and traveling companions. Often times a single dragon and a human rider would form a very close bond. There was even an instance of a human and a dragon in his human form falling in love and having children together.