Freedom's Eagle
Production Information
Manufacturer General Motors Astronautical
Product Line Chevrolet
Model Corvette Line Freighter
Class Frieghter
Technical Specifications
Length 30.5 m
Width 14.02 m
Depth 6.1 m
Maximum Atmospheric Speed 3 AU/h
Engines 4 Chevrolet 923X Ion Engines
SuperSpace Class Class 5
Power Plant 2 GM 2752 Nuclear Reactor
Shields 2 spherical ray shields
Sensor Systems OnStar Sensor Array
Naviagation Systems OnStar NavGuide
Main Computers Intel Processor 9129LF
Armament 3 MacEachern Standard Blasters

2 Holland Class Missle Launchers

1 Disabler Ion Cannon

Complement 1 Probe Drone

1 Low Atmospheric Shuttle

Escape Craft 5 Standard Escape Pods
Crew 1 Pilot

1 Co-Pilot

3 Gunners

Minimum Crew 1 Pilot
Cargo Capacity 39 mt
Life Support American Life Support System 192X
Communications Long Wave Comm Systems Series 401
Role(s) Freighter

Smuggling Ship

Earliest Sighting 2964
Owners Barry Dinac

Jayden Blair

Crew Members Madeline Walton
Commanders Jayden Blair
Registration Number AAECA1384841348

The Freedom's Eagle was a ship that was built by the General Motors Company in the year 2964 specifically for Barry Dinac. Under Dinac the ship was called the Smuggler's Dream, but it was sold in 2970 to Jayden Blair. The ship was destroyed by a Moranuman Ship in 2977.