Jeski Alander
[[File:{{{image}}}|292x400px|Jeski Alander]]
Hometown Liand
Age 19
Gender Male
Height 4.541 m (Dragon)
1.93 m (Human)
Weight 8979 kg (Dragon)
79.8 kg (Human)
Hair Color Pale Orange Scales (Dragon)
Bright red (Human)
Eye Color Extremely deep emerald green
Battle Stats
Laterality Left
Weapon Claws, Spine Spikes (Dragon)
Dagger (Human)
Ultimate Weapon -
Magical Speciality Death
Real World Information
Actor {{{Actor}}}
Character Creator N. Fritts
The Manipulators Character

Jeski Alander was a Dragon that helped protect the Sandrine Temple under the modern village of Liand on Barteld. He is a main character in the upcoming film with the working title The Manipulators



Ability Name Type Level Notes
Fire Elemental 1
Lightning Elemental 1
Firegis Elemental 2
Lightningis Elemental 2
Firemax Elemental 3
Lightningmax Elemental 3
Heal Healing 1 Learned after branding
Shield Protection 1 Learned after branding
Protect Protection 1 Learned after branding
Enhance Protection 1 Learned after branding
Suppliment Protection 1 Learned after branding
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