Mykinze Ocalli
[[File:{{{image}}}|292x400px|Mykinze Ocalli]]
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Species Human (Maedran)
Gender Female
Height 1.75 m
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Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Deep rich green
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Known Masters Kaethryn Sumali
Known Apprentices
Affiliation Protectors
Untitled Novel #2 Character

Mykinze Ocalli was a human born on the planet Maedra. She was the student of Kaethryn Sumali when she learned to become one of the Protectors of the Balance. She was the first person to encounter Trevor Jakemen after he was transported to their world. Over the course of time, she would fall in love with Jakemen and he would help her fight the Su'ungi.


Early LifeEdit

Ocalli was born to a moderately wealthy family in Maedra's capital, Neitima in 1564 AKR (1535 AD). She was born with a Protector's Brand that ran along her left forearm. As such, her parent's willfully gave her into the care of the Protectors. Her parent's would visit her often during her training to help encourage her.

Apprenticeship to SumaliEdit

Ocalli completed her time as a Beginner in 1572. She would be chosen by Kaethryn Sumali as her Tanulo. Sumali was considered one of the better masters and she choses very few Tanulo. They would go on several journeys together.

Encounter with JakemenEdit

While on a journey with Sumali, Ocalli found a dishevled human unconcious in the forest.