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According to the dictionary, the word Meander means to wander aimlessly, and often that's the best way to write! Some of the best ideas arise from the middle of nowhere and you just need to get there! Whether you are here to contribute ideas or you want to pick concepts for your own story, there is a way for you to Meander Your Own Way. The best way is to just dive in and let the creative juices flow! Don't have an idea of your own? Jump in and help someone else!

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The Dragons are a species of sentient creatures on the planet Barteld. Along with the humans there are only two sentient species on Barteld. A dragon, in their natural form, is a massive four legged creatures that has two enormous wings protruding from their backs. On average a dragon is around fifteen meters longs with a tail that adds another five meters of length to their relatively slender body. Dragons have an interesting ability, which is that they may transform into a human form at will. The dragons are the protectors of the Sandrine Temples. (Read More...)

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