Region Extreme Outer Civilized Rim: North-Western Quadrant- Capital
Sector Peku Sector
System Teras'Peku System
Sun(s) Pecu
Orbital Position 9
Moon(s) 1
Grid Position A-6
Planet Class Terrestrial
Diameter 28,500 km
Atmosphere 68% Nitrogen

30% Oxygen

2% Other gases

Terrain Sparkling Oceans

Large Plains


Vast Oceans

Climate Temperate
Gravity 1.18 G
Native Species Grillic
Immigrated Species Moranumas
Primary Language Pekuan


Population 124,186,000,000
Major Cities Iusaeri - Capital


Major Exports Natural Minerals

Food Stuffs

Major Imports Technology

Space Craft

Affiliation Republic of the Stars

The planet Teras'Peku is the capital of the Extreme Outer Civilized Rim: North-Western Quadrant in the Republic of the Stars. The planet is most often a resort planet that is frequented by many RS politicians. The planet is also home to a large scientific medical research facility, which deals mostly with the healing properties of Beadar, which is found exclusively on the planet. There are several cities, the most important of which is the capital of Iusaeri. The city spans much of the Main Continent between the Eastern Coast and the Renassa River. The planet is also home to many modern spaceports, the largest of which is the Aehila Spaceport in Iusaeri. The Regional Senate Building is also located in Iusaeri.