Zech Iliaro
Placeholder person
Physical Description
Age 17
Height 198 cm (6'6")
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Green Rimmed Blue Irises
Laterality Right Handed
Social Information
Home Eden
Weapon Staff
Ability Lightning (Original)

Elemental Magic

Zech Iliaro was a human male born in the city of Eden to very wealthy parents.


Zech is a very tall human, standing about 198 cm. He has brown hair that is usually kept in medium length with small spikes. His eyes are very soft, which is opposite his personality, and have green-rimmed blue irises. He is very flexible and rather strong, which provides him with a lot of stamina. He wears a blue and white short sleeve jacket over a very dark navy blue t-shirt, which he keeps tucked into his blue pants. He wears a pair of white sneakers with blue accents. He also usually wears an expensive pair of custom made Tusslers, which he keeps on his head if he isn't using them. He keeps a blue leather case for a staff attached to his belt and behind his back.


Zech's personality compliments his soft smooth features. He generally is slow to anger unless confused, at which point he becomes very angry. He is caring toward his friends and especially his girlfriend, Abbi.


Originially, Zech only had control over lightning and it was a very limited control at that. After his time in the in-between realm, Zech gained control over the other elemental magics, fire, water, ice and air. His power with them was also significantly increased as was a general profinicency with other light based magic. Using magic takes a lot out of him, but recovers fairly quick.


He uses a medium length staff with a star topper that features bladed edges.

Fighting StyleEdit

His fighting style is very fast and potent. He uses many acrobatic movements to aid in both offensive and defensive movements. He does hesitate to use his abilities, but is ruthless when he does.